• Own Little Crown3:29
  • I Know A Guy3:16
  • Hostile Target4:12

The final book, 

Homes - Scrapbook & Journal

allows all ages to choose what to write, keep, or share with their peers. It is a reflective journal for applying the Homes system in school or at home. Cost: £15. 

Homes - Life Skills & Lesson Plans. 

This next book is written for schools to apply the core book and album in an educational setting.  It provides a window into adult worlds, allowing immersion into each topic yet giving a safe distance from it. It widens the scope and application of the main book to encompass public and private space as well as group work.  This comprehensive system ticks many boxes for PSHE (Personal Social Health Education)

or Life Skills. Cost: £45.

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Homes shows a range of conditions through objects and space, from post-natal depression, gambling, alcoholism, over- & under-eating, erectile dysfunction, bed-wetting, anxiety, moths... true stories present issues using people's personal space and objects and some solutions using space and objects.  Inside the book cover, an envelope holds a gift CD of 18 original pop songs. Each song concludes and complements one of the stories. 

The combined price of book & CD is £25.

Three sample original songs:

Own Little Crown concludes a chapter covering the once-sad and unfulfilled Lanja (who features in the youtube video above).  

I Know A Guy concludes a chapter about a family-man Hannah saved from his gambling habit - through home objects - without meeting him. 

Hostile Target concludes a chapter on (lack of) communication; Hannah helped the parties express themselves through their objects.

Hi, I'm Hannah Jackson. I have been practising "Homes" across several countries since 2004. It is accessible, logical and free to apply individually or in a Homes Circle. Homes is a science-based way of making your space move your mind using only ornaments, furniture and pictures at home, school or work. Homes is used alone or with conventional therapies.